Women Pioneers for the Environment

Women Pioneers for the Environment
Mary Joy Breton

Other Publisher

Softcover, 322 pages, indexed, ISBN 1-55553-426-0



This book brings together compelling stories of heroism from the lives of 42 women around the world. These women often put their lives and careers on the line to change our collective relationship to the environment. In the years since this book was first published in 1998, some of the women have become better known here in the States, such as Vandana Shiva from India, who is a prolific author and speaker, or Wangari Maathai from Kenya, who won a Nobel Prize. But many of these women are not well known at all. Nonetheless, their lives are extraordinary for their vision, courage, integrity, and creative activism.

Mary Joy Breton was a lifelong conservationist who served for sixteen years with the National Audubon Society as a vice president and Director of the President’s Office. A co-founder of Living Justice Press, she worked tirelessly since its start in 2002 in almost every capacity of publishing. She was especially gifted in online research.

“From the stunning opening story of the forest massacre that launched the Chipko movement in India, Mary Joy Breton takes readers on a round-the-world journey they’ll never forget. In these gripping pages, the long-neglected history of heroic, brave women leading the struggle to preserve all our Earth comes to dramatic life.”  —Ralph Nader

“What an incredible book! . . . It’s an inspiring collection of women finding solutions to overwhelming problems created by male-dominated technologies. Whenever you’re feeling disheartened by the state of the environment, pick up this book and get inspired to mobilize!”  —Mev Miller of the Feminist Bookstore News

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