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Posted 3 years ago

Circle Experience Organizational development, organizational conflict resolution, youth development, yotuh violence prevention, dialogue and decision-making. Has experience with Circles of Support and Accountability, healing Circles,…

 Community-based practitioner /  District of Columbia

Posted 2 years ago

Circle Experience Victim-offender, grief, reentry, sending circles (when going to prison), etc Work with community, jail, school, religious groups Areas of Interest and Service Housing…

 Has worked in corrections-connected programs /  Illinois

Posted 1 year ago

Circle Experience I worked in the juvenile justice system, and utilized circles there. I have used circles as a teaching pedagogy in universities, since 2003….

 Experience using Circles in many fields /  Pennsylvania

Posted 10 months ago

Dr. Evelyn Zellerer has extensive experience with Circles, both as a keeper and a trainer. Her main mentors include retired judge Barry Stuart and Kay…

 World-wide practice /  Canada

Posted 3 years ago

Circle Experience I have both done research and facilitated training (face to face and online) in using circles as a foundation for introducing restorative justice…

 Works / trains in K-12 schools /  Colorado

Posted 3 years ago

Circle Experience I am a T for T trainer and Circle Keeper. I have experience in both training and Circle keeping. Areas of Interest and…

 Higher education teaching / training /  Illinois

Posted 3 years ago

Circle Experience As president of the Financial Planning Association in 2004-2005 I led the board to use circle process for governance, and World Cafe as…

 Works in the field of finance /  Georgia

Posted 2 years ago

Circle Experience The Take Ten program that I direct is a restorative practice in which we teach conflict resolution skills. We offer a traditional curriculum…


Posted 2 months ago

I have been using Circles since 2012 primarily to address group conflict. I’ve trained with the International Institute of Restorative Practices and with Kay Pranis…

 Experience using Circles in many fields /  Pennsylvania

Posted 4 months ago

Restorative Justice Experience I have specialized experience working in all tiers of support with minors/adults in the following restorative justice areas: Education; Law Enforcement; MultiCourt…

 Family Welfare, Antiviolence, Equity /  Texas

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