Justice from the Inside Up

Justice from the Inside Up: A Restorative Justice Education Facilitator's Manual

Releasing July 2024 from Living Justice Press!

Justice from the Inside Up is a project of restorative justice education, but it is also a philosophy and movement. This project holds that RJ education, if done well, is also an RJ practice. When RJ education is experiential, interactive, and well facilitated, workshops that teach RJ can draw forth some of the same outcomes as other RJ practices.

After fourteen years of developing and facilitating RJ learning experiences at Graterford Prison and SCI-Phoenix, we have witnessed thousands of transformations—including our own….I’ve facilitated several of these workshops and even turned it into two semester-long college courses. We no longer have to speculate if it would be transformative outside prison. It is.

— Felix B. Rosado, Author, with Let’s Circle Up

Felix Rosado is cofounder of Let’s Circle Up, a restorative justice project created at Graterford State Prison in 2007. While incarcerated, he also co-coordinated the Alternatives to Violence Project and led several other justice, peace-building, and anti-prison initiatives. In 2016, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Villanova University. Felix spent 27 years fighting a death by incarceration sentence (more commonly known as life without parole) from which he was freed in 2022 via executive clemency. Now living in Philadelphia, he serves as Program Manager of Healing Futures, a youth restorative justice diversion program, with the Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project, and teaches at Chestnut Hill College.

Felix B. Rosado