Interviews with Restorative Practitioners

  • Gwen Chandler

    "Peacemaking Circles help you create space for difficult conversations. Coupled with shared values and an agreement of how to be together, meaningful dialogue & relationships are the benefits achieved from the Circle process." Gwen Chandler was first introduced to Restorative Justice in 1996 by the Criminal Justice system. She had her first Circle training in 1997. After being in Social Services for over 20 years, Gwen decided that "Circle Work" was what she wanted to do.

  • Dr. Gaye Lang

    Dr. Gaye Lang's career in education—a classroom teacher in elementary and middle schools, a secondary assistant principal and elementary principal, a regional service center field service specialist, and a university adjunct professor—has earned her the respect of her colleagues. She holds a BA in elementary education from Dillard University, an MA in teaching and administration from Pepperdine University, and a Doctorate of Education in Cultural Studies from the University of Houston.

  • Laraine Mickelson

    With over 25 years of experience in the field of Conflict Management, Laraine has designed, implemented, and written policy for a variety of programs including full-spectrum Integrated Conflict Management Systems for the State of Minnesota and justice programs for state and county agencies including juvenile diversion programs, sentencing circles for felony level crimes, transition programs for incarcerated offenders, and CREST— (Conflict Resolution, Education and Skill Training), a peer mediator program for incarcerated offenders.

  • Eloise Sepeda

    Eloise Sepeda is a child/adult survivor and leader in the areas of family/domestic and sexual violence, homelessness, and poverty. Today she is a family matriarch, and national subject matter expert trainer and consultant in restorative justice and the intersection of child welfare, family violence, and race equity.

  • Dr. Dorothy Vaandering

    Dr. Dorothy Vaandering is a professor in Memorial University Newfoundland's Faculty of Education and the director of Relationships First Newfoundland and Labrador (RFNL). She has been researching Restorative Justice in Education (RJE) for 15 years and is passionate about nurturing relational communities where all people are honoured as worthy and interconnected. Learning to live relationally in all aspects of life is core to who she is.