Living Justice Press

Circle Process Graphics and Handouts

The graphics and documents listed below have been developed by Living Justice Press in collaboration with experienced Circle practitioners who are involved with training and education. Most of the concepts and practices contained in them are derived from and build on Indigenous teachings and other wisdom traditions. Many of them appeared, in a different form, in the book Peacemaking Circles: From Conflict to Community, by Kay Pranis, Barry Stuart, and Mark Wedge. In all cases, the attributions for both the core ideas and the imagery are noted at the bottom of each document.

In response to popular request, we are also posting black and white, simplified versions of the graphics. These are located below the color versions.

Living Justice Press offers these documents, free of charge, to anyone wanting them for personal, educational, or training purposes. They are of print quality, and can be used as posters (can be enlarged up to 300% for posters), hand-outs, overheads, or parts of a Circle centerpiece. These documents are ©Living Justice Press. We ask that the documents not be posted or used online without proper attribution, along with a link to our web site at For questions on re-use or permissions, contact [email protected] or call 651-695-1008. We hope you enjoy these graphics and handouts as much as we enjoyed creating them!