Barry Stuart

Barry Stuart—former Chief Judge of the Territorial Court of Yukon (now retired), a faculty member of numerous Canadian law schools, and an internationally respected leader in multiparty conflict resolution—has pioneered the use of peacemaking Circles for public processes in North America over the last twenty years. His professional interests have always centered on decision-making processes, dispute and conflict resolution, and the design and development of consensus-building processes. He has worked as a lawyer, mediator, consensus facilitator, policy analyst to government, chief land claims negotiator, professor, and speaker. In the 1970s, he played a leading role in shaping environmental law in Canada. E-mail: bdstuart43[at]

“I found as the Chief Judge the use of restorative Justice and particularly the use of Peacemaking circles made an enormous difference in all crimes in achieving all justice objectives. Particularly in serving the needs of victims, in the rehabilitation and accountability of offenders, and in engaging the essential resources of communities. The most important contribution of peace making circles arises from generating collaborative partnerships among all agencies and the community, and in raising the awareness within communities of the instrumental changes they can make in building healthy families and safe communities.”