Tlaloc Rodriguez

 Works with youth, along with other groups /

Circle Experience

I have worked with Circles in the following settings: family homes, schools, and higher learning.

Areas of Interest and Service

Specific circle formats to meet your group needs:
• Talking circle for exploring perspectives, concepts and/or practices.
• Healing/Peacemaking* circle for restoring broken relationships.
• Processing circle for debriefing an event or set of events.
• Appreciation circle for building/refreshing your community.
*Please note that I offer FREE conflict coaching services to those who may need it for active and productive participation in our circles.


Tlaloc Rodriguez is an Educator and Circle Keeper living in Chicago, Illinois. What he is most passionate about is helping adults, children, and youth make sense out of the mysterious realm of feelings so they can harness its power to enrich or mend their relationships, which can include their relationship with themselves. His professional interests include Emotional Health Education, Co-regulation Through Circle Facilitation, Mediation at Home, School, Work and Positive Youth Development.
Tlaloc is…
-A Level 5 School-Age Children and Youth Development Practitioner
-A NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-II
-An Experienced Self-Enrichment Teacher
-An Experienced School Social Worker
-Happily Married With a Wonderful Son
-A Proud U.S. Marine Veteran


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