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Circle Experience

School and community justice opportunities including learning circles, reentry circles, sentencing circles and restorative schools. I am a trainer and facilitator having sat in Circles with thousands of students and adults, as I currently am a high school principal and served three years as a restorative safe schools administrator.

I am experienced with school and community justice opportunities including learning circles, reentry circles, sentencing circles and restorative schools.

I have worked with:

St. Paul Public Schools trainer in restorative practices with teachers, staff, administration
St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center
Stillwater Area High School
MDE RJ Circle Process trainer
South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council
South St. Paul Public Schools

Areas of Interest and Service

Alternatives with circles to repair harm high accountability and as an alternative to suspension
School and community justice opportunities including learning Circles, reentry Circles, sentencing Circles and restorative schools


Mary Leadem Ticiu, MA Ed is a licensed high school principal who began working in the area of secondary education, circles and alternatives to suspension. She began her educational path with a career as a secondary reading and language arts teacher after graduating from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN in 1984.  She successfully implemented responsive classroom strategies with at risk learners, print rich learning communities, and creative professional development for fellow teachers to model and document positive impact of the process pf peacemaking and restorative discipline.  After receiving Safe and Healthy Schools funding from the Minnesota Department of Education in 1996 she began to study peacemaking and restorative justice and travelled to the Yukon to work with Phil Gatensby where she learned of the impact of circles while training at Nares Peacemaking Camp. She served in the original circle sentencing in South St. Paul, keeping the first community justice circle in sentencing circles with South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council, Dakota County Corrections and the public schools.

Serving 18 years as an assistant principal at Stillwater Area High School, her most recent position includes serving as building leader for the St. Croix Valley Alternative High School. She works with team of talented educators to transform learning for at risk learners who develop their personal plan and commit to the culture of learning. The St. Croix Area Learning Center is part of District 834 Stillwater Public Schools and provides an alternative opportunity for growth and discovery through small setting, relevant curriculum offerings, integrated school wide credit earning, and circles of understanding. Students realize their role is in relationship to one another and set core values and personal goals for their continuous learning.

Mary is known for her peacemaking work in Circles, alternatives to suspension, writing, reading and language arts, and understanding the art of metaphor. She is highly experienced in training with the St. Paul Public Schools, MAAP, MDE, Equity Alliance, in the state of Minnesota and beyond for developing consensus based decisions leading to effective schools and policy language to support high expectations of safe, positive and healthy relationships and school culture. She is a collaborator and communicator with a strategic eye to generate alternatives with community partners including with the Rotary and their generous efforts to help our students in the valley. Mary is also the parent of her teenage daughter Madeline.

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