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“Restoring The Medicine Wheel”: Ojibwe Elder Linda Lucero

Linda Lucero, born and raised in White Earth Nation. She was honored as an Ojibwe elder, receiving her Eagle feather for “Honor” on July 4, 2009. She’s a Ojibwe Elder and is from the Bear Clan. Her Native given name is “Wazhaskoons-meaning female Muskrat. Linda’s grandmother was a medicine woman and was held in high esteem.  Her mother was a traditional healer. Linda has four children several grandchildren. One of her greatest passions is to see Native children succeed in life.

Linda has worked for the Minneapolis Public Schools for 20 years. During that time, Linda has been doing Circle work, along with mentoring over 75 children and 20 young adults. She’s a skilled advocate for young children and young adults. She has been a volunteer working in community to help high school student’s prevent and de-escalate violence. She conducts anti-bullying circle groups and trains young people how to lead peer mediations and peace circles.

Linda has led Circles for children and adults in all walks of life. She has conducted elder wisdom circles and has brought commuity together in Circle. She has met with Educators from other Countries, including Canada, Japan, Iceland and most recently Brazil. Linda always involves her students in these events to reinforce the seven teachings and to also teach our youth how to host local, regional and international guests.

Linda is respected for being genuine in her interactions with others and has a gift for connecting with children, adults, elders, and people from all ethnic backgrounds. Her own unique style of doing circles is honest, open and truly authentic. She’s attentive when it comes to her students approaching their experience as sacred. Linda is a gentle and a consistent leader, with the intuitive capacity and openness to meet all people where they are at and in a respectful manner.

Linda uses the Medicine Wheel and Ojibwe teachings whenever she sits in Circle. She has taught anti-bullying training for students. She’s respected and trusted by students for being bold and honest in her approach. They know that no matter what happens, they have her support. As she sits around her colorful Circle made of four colors, black, red, white, and yellow, which represent all people. As she sits around her cloth Circle and works with her students, she learns about them and deepens her knowledge of their struggles. Even as the Circle gets hard, Linda reminds students how that means that the Circle is working to heal harmful energy and transform it for a larger purpose.

The Circle work and the caring refuge it creates deepens the mutual bond and connection between Linda, her students and the community. Because of this, Linda believes that the Circle carries medicine and holds a unique, sacred, primordial capacity to restore, lift up and strengthen the lives of our seventh generation, the lives of our youth…

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