Leaf Seligman

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Circle Experience

I teach college courses in forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice using circles.
Legal system:
I use circles for both juvenile and adult court diversion programs  
I have used circles for community based reconciliation and listening. I am working with a local housing authority to use circles for conflict transformation and am designing circles for workplace wellness.

I have worked in court diversion programs; community events related to healing trauma and engendering reconciliation; religious congregations; Keene State College.

Areas of Interest and Service

As a Circle Keeper and whole-self-care practitioner, I offer a complete Circle process service of:

1) discerning whether and how a Circle process can be helpful

2) designing the process

3) conducting pre-Circle meetings (conferences) with all stakeholders

4) facilitating/keeping the Circle

5) debriefing the Circle process.

I also meet with individuals and family members who wish to engage in a trauma-informed, empathy-based companioned process of forgiveness and/or reconciliation, which may include Circle work.


Having had the good fortune to train with Kay Pranis in circlekeeping, I use the Circle process as the fulcrum of a vocation built around the concept of Tikkun Olam, the restoration of the world. Since 1985, I have taught writing, led arts and humanities programs, volunteered as a jail chaplain, and co- facilitated Alternatives to Violence Project workshops in prisons. I have functioned as a writing guide and a forgiveness doula; I have been a college instructor for 26 years, I ministered in congregational settings for ten. I pursue the work of restoration and re-creation through trauma-informed, empathy-based restorative/healing justice practices in every context I can.

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