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Circle Experience

Developed and implemented programs in New Mexico for the several institutions in the Bernalillio County Juvenile Justice System. A program designed for the Juvenile Detention Center was designed to support juveniles as they reintegrate back into their communities. A Diversion program, created for Juvenile Probation, was also implemented in order to divert young offenders, who commit minor battery or public affray, away from committing more serious crimes. Children’s Court Judges and District Attorneys refer juvenile offenders who have committed serious violent crimes to participate in a Healing Circle. The victim and offender as well as others impacted by the incident are given a safe space to meet and share the hurt and harm that occurred and are provided a safe space for healing on both ends. Circles are also conducted for Workplace disputes, Family Disputes, Schools and community building dialog.

As a best practice practitioner managed the Victim/Offender mediation program currently listed as the model program by the U.S Department of Justice Program-Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).

Areas of Interest and Service

AdvocacyPresenting and promoting Restorative Justice services to:

  • National Association of Social Workers Conference
  • Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee
  • New Mexico Public Schools – District and Individual schools
  • Children’s Law institute Conference
  • State Bar Conference
  • New Mexico Children Youth and Family Services (CYFD)
  • United World College
  • Statewide Restorative Justice Conference in New Mexico
  • New Mexico Senate Joint Memorial 2 Report on Restorative Justice


  • The Peacemaking Circle Process
  • Advanced Peacemaking Circle Process
  • Introduction to Restorative Justice
  • Victim/Offender Mediation


Direct Services:

Customized Circles for organizations, institutions, schools, family, or communities in need of a Peacemaking Circle dialogue process.


Jeanette Martinez is owner and President of Circle of Justice LLC. She has served as an apprentice to Kay Pranis an renowned practitioner, author, trainer, and pioneer in the field of Restorative Justice and the Peacemaking Circle process. Jeanette has been an active advocate for juvenile justice reform since 2001. Throughout this time her active role in advocating for restorative justice programs and projects in New Mexico has been a catalyst for new and innovative restorative justice programs being developed that in turn have contributed to the improved functioning of the juvenile justice system, locally and throughout the state.


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