Carol Markham-Cousins

 Experience using Circles in many fields /

Circle Experience

I have been working primarily within school systems as a teacher and administrator providing restorative practice training and experiential opportunities for both students and staff. I offer coaching and mentoring to school and district leaders on how to implement a deep and lasting restorative culture. Changing a culture requires a shift in mind-set, classroom practice and bold knowledgeable. My work with circles has extended beyond schools into Juvenile Justice settings and various community-based organizations.

I have had many years of experience in K-12 school settings as teacher and principal applying restorative practice principles at every level. In the classroom, I engaged the students to create climate for learning based on a restorative approach. Circles were called upon to understand one another and repair harm both individually and collectively. As an administrator I model circles with staff, students, and community members and create plans for training and implementation of circles for building community and repairing harm. In the community I have participated and been a circle keeper with various organizations from the Justice system to church organizations.

I have been associated with the following organizations and practitioners doing Circle work:

  • Mediation Services for Anoka County
  • Community Mediation and Restorative Services (CMRS)
  • Consultants/practitioners Jamie Williams and Oscar Reed
  • Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Osseo Public Schools
  • St. Paul Public Schools
  • Chaska and Centennial Public Schools

Areas of Interest and Service

I offer customized training options for each school or organization depending on needs and interest. Services are focused on building community and repairing harm resulting in improving outcomes and achieving success for all members of the community.

  • Alternatives to Suspension – Creating a Peaceful Community
  • Community Building Circles
  • Peacekeeping Circles (specific to conflict or harm)
  • Creating a Restorative Culture (shift mind-set): one to three-day training or in-service
  • Conflict Management and Problem Solving for staff and students
  • School-Based Meditation
  • Creating a Problem-Solving Classroom
  • Community Panels


 Life-long educator and leader dedicated to working toward equity, access and excellence within our community. As a principal, Carol has successfully turned around failing schools through building teams that have created and implemented positive cultural change. Carol has also worked in the Juvenile Detention Center and with various community organizations. Through these experiences, she has developed customized restorative practice training and mentoring for various clients in the community. Carol and her husband have lived and raised their sons in the Minneapolis area, and they continue to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the city. World travel has always been a part of Carol’s life and it is constantly expanding her world-view both professionally and personally.

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