Alice Lynch

It is with great sadness that we share Alice Lynch’s passing from this world on January 11, 2018. Ms. Alice was a mother to the restorative justice/restorative practices movement in Minnesota and nationally. She was a pioneer in the field long before we at Living Justice Press came to it, and we will always treasure her friendship, love, and wonderful mentoring. So many of us grew up in this work through Alice’s trainings and community Circles. She brought the healing and empowering ways of the Circle to those who needed them most, and in the process she showed her compassion and respect for all of us. Ms. Alice loved her community, and the community loved her back. Her contributions to the RJ/RP movement have been incalculable. We will miss her always. She is family always.

In January 2005, 1000 women (representative of many thousands of such women) from more than 150 countries were nominated all together for the Nobel Peace Prize. ( These are women who commit themselves worldwide to working for more human security and justice. Alice Lynch was one of these outstanding women.

Alice was the Executive Director of Black, Indian, Hispanic and Asian Women in Action (BIHA) and also co-chair of the Women of Color Network Advisory Committee. She conducted over 1000 trainings on domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, chemical dependency, and HIV/AIDS, looking specifically at how these issues impact communities of color. Alice worked to establish restorative justice programs in her own community and across the nation. Through this process she helped empower communities to take the lead in solving their problems in ways that promote healing and prevent future harm.

“Circles create a sacred space that lifts barriers between people, opening possibilities for collaboration and understanding. Circles provide a safe place to have the difficult conversations.”

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