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A nonprofit publisher for restorative justice since 2002

Living Justice Press acts as a catalyst for rethinking what justice means in every aspect of life. Our books explore how we can respond to harms and conflicts in ways that promote understanding, healing, and positive change – from personal to systemic. Our books  are useful for restorative justice practitioners and educators, as well as the general public.

“Books ARE a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind.”  —Toni Morrison

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 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  An Indigenous Land Acknowledgement  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Bdote confluence of Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, Dakota sacred site

We at Living Justice Press acknowledge that the land we live and work on here in Minnesota rightfully belongs to the Dakota, Anishinaabe, and Ho-Chunk Peoples. Our ancestors stole this land from their ancestors through genocide. We benefit from the land, while the Dakota, Anishinaabe, and Ho-Chunk descendents do not.The institutionalized mass harms of white supremacy and settler colonialism continue, having terrorized and killed the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Africa for more than five centuries.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement that is now leading the struggle to fight these systems of racial oppression. And we stand with Indigenous Peoples who call for honoring treaties and returning stolen Native land. This stand is a first step in truth and reconciliation among our peoples.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

News / Articles / Opinions

By Eva Tesfaye, Harvest Public Media, at Indian Country Today, 6/18/23

Tribes in the Midwest and Great Plains are embracing and sharing traditional agricultural knowledge with both Native and nonnative farmers to improve the soil and water for everyone.

Alessandra Korap Munduruku, one of this year’s winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, was honored for her activism to protect the rainforest from industrial projects. “So our rights are being violated. Everything going on here is wrong,” she said. “We can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

By Andrew Lee, Anti-Racism Daily, 5/29/23

Mother Viola Ford Fletcher, the oldest living survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre, celebrated her 109th birthday earlier this month. The same day, the Tulsa city government tried to dismiss a lawsuit from Fletcher and the two other living survivors of the mob violence.

Democracy Now! interview with Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh 6/1/23

A roundtable discussion with three experts in artificial intelligence on growing concerns over the technology’s potential dangers.

By Charmaine White Face, 3/31/23

The word “revoke” . . . means “to annul by recalling or taking back” or “to repeal” or “to rescind.” The Pope does have that capability, which the rest of us do not.

In 2007, I started writing a book entitled Harm-Dependent No More: Who Are We—Winners and Losers or Relatives? That was before the global financial collapse, before Obama, and before Trump. I wonder what the world will be like when I finally finish the book. —Denise  Breton     >>>>>> Read More

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