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A nonprofit publisher for restorative justice since 2002

Living Justice Press acts as a catalyst for rethinking what justice means in every aspect of life. Our books explore how we can respond to harms and conflicts in ways that promote understanding, healing, and positive change – from personal to systemic. Our books  are useful for restorative justice practitioners and educators, as well as the general public.

An Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

We at Living Justice Press acknowledge that the land we live and work on here in Minnesota rightfully belongs to the Dakota, Anishinaabe, and Ho-Chunk Peoples. Our ancestors stole this land from their ancestors through genocide. We benefit from the land, while the Dakota, Anishinaabe, and Ho-Chunk descendents do not.

The institutionalized mass harms of white supremacy and settler colonialism continue, having terrorized and killed the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Africa for more than five centuries.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement that is now leading the struggle to fight these systems of racial oppression. And we stand with Indigenous Peoples who call for honoring treaties and returning stolen Native land. This stand is a first step in truth and reconciliation among our peoples.

Bdote confluence of Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, Dakota sacred site

Harm Dependent No More

In 2007, I started writing a book entitled Harm-Dependent No More: Who Are We—Winners and Losers or Relatives? That was before the 2008 global financial collapse, before Obama, and before Trump. I wonder what will the world be like when I finally finish the book.   — Denise Breton          

“Books ARE a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind.”

                                                         —Toni Morrison

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New!  Discussion and Reflection Guide for Creating Restorative Schools, by Martha A. Brown, Ph.D. Free download here!

With Anodea Judith, internationally-beloved guide and best-selling author.

Restorative practices and social healing, at their core, are about energy. All human interaction at its core is a result of some form of balance, or imbalance.

This Seven-Week Series kicks off with Anodea Judith, and also includes expertise and depth from Tanya Sherise Odums, Jeff Vander Clute, James O’Dea, and more presenters.

National Association of Community and Restorative Justice

8th  CONFERENCE, JULY 6-10, 2022
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

The Gathering: Real Transformation. The Time is NOW.  How do we get there TOGETHER?

Together we will creatively share new and traditional ways to weave restorative justice philosophy and practices into all aspects of our world: personal, interpersonal, community, systemic and structural. Help us rethink the meaning of “justice”; promote anti-racist laws, policies, and practices; seek equitable recovery from the pandemic, and, work toward safe, just, equitable and livable communities.


1894 Sioux Nation Treaty Council Recommends Theme to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

May 12, 2022
Middle of North America – The 1894 Sioux Nation Treaty Council (SNTC) which has been going to the United Nations (UN) for nearly forty (40) years, is recommending a “theme” to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). The recommendation is that the Sioux Nation, which has a valid treaty with the United States (US), and other Indigenous nations with treaties and agreements with colonizing governments, be recommended in the CERD report to the General Assembly and allowed to participate in the processes of the UN Decolonization Committee as a colonized nation. This would mean the liberation and freedom of such Indigenous nations with the help of the UN. The processes take a few years.
       The English speaking countries have been a block to this process since the inception of the UN nearly 77 years ago. However, In Oct. 2021, the UN Human Rights Council, led by China, passed a Resolution to negate the horrible legacy of colonization which includes forced assimilation and other racist and bigotted practices. The English and Spanish speaking colonizing governments have been the most adamant in their colonizing efforts over Indigenous nations and peoples in the western hemisphere.
     The US will be one of the countries having to respond to the CERD at their meeting in August, 2022. Themes are issues that can be brought to the forefront in dialogues when the Committee asks questions of the US. The US responses will be available to the public in the CERD report to the General Assembly next Fall.
     For the complete documents or more information contact Charmaine White Face at [email protected]

News / Information / Articles

White supporters of racial justice around Buffalo have watched white nationalist ideologies creep into their communities. They’ve mobilized to convince people that white nationalism is not the answer.

All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 5/23/22, Adrian Florido interview with Erin Heaney of SURJ

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on Wednesday for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day 2022.

By John Rennie Short, The Conversation, 3/14/22

Global flashpoints, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Chinese actions in Xinjiang, share a common background: a previous history of invasion and occupation.

By Chris Winters, Yes! Magazine, 2/16/22
Three activists are working to support people at risk of either going to prison for the first time or returning to prison after release.

Interview by Amy Goodman with Chandni Singh, Democracy Now! 5/2/22

We speak with a leading Indian climate scientist about the punishing heat wave that produced the hottest weather ever recorded in April for India and Pakistan.

We want the violence to stop. However, our chosen means of addressing violence prevention are shaped by who’s leading that conversation. Too often, the results of those discussions have tended to be punitive in nature, resulting in over-policing and mass incarceration. 

By Jordan Costa on, 3/4/22

The idea that anti-racist is a code word for “anti-white” is the claim of avowed extremists.

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